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What is REMESOL and how does it work?

The human body is an incredible creation of nature. With everything that this body does day in and day out, there is a tremendous amount of wear and tear put on it. There are 360 joints and thousands of nerves in our body which helps our super machine run efficiently. Like every machine, the human body requires lubricant to run smoothly. Our body produces Synovial fluid, which works as the lubricant for our joints. With growing age, the production of this fluid in our body slows down. Joints start rubbing against each other, our bones start getting weaker, and the result? Pain.

Remesol is natural powerful pain relieving formula made of pristine medicinal herbs from the Himalayas. Remesol oil penetrates deep in to joints and works as lubricants, the joints stops rubbing with each other so Remesol treats the root cause of pain i.e. Friction.

Remesol needs to be massaged on the affected area with gentle hand and then covered with a cloth. By applying Remesol to the affected area the inflammation and the pain starts to decrease. Repeat the action for at-least 2-5 times a day for best results. Curcumin Capsules contains extracts of natural & organic turmeric.

Curcumin is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties; it repairs damaged tissues and strengthens bones and joints. The combination of Remesol oil and the Remesol Curcumin extract works as a holistic and complete treatment for any type of Arthritis.