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  1. I’m normally in great condition but sometimes I come home from n intense racquet ball game and I go straight for this. It provides immediate relief so I can stretch and cool down without the wrath of pain.

  2. I used Remesol every day on a twenty five year old injury, it provides relief and heals. Plus it’s soothing on the skin, unlike cheap over the counter menthol gel products, which cause me drying and discomfort

  3. Shippin took a long time.. and also it needs to be massaged atleast 3 minutes…for me to feel its working and worming up the place..I thought it was a spray!

  4. So far it is living up to my expectations. I have painful wrists and have a roller ball dispenser on my work desk with Remesol and love the convenience and immediate relief. Superior quality equal to Young Living brand for a fraction of the price.

  5. I tried all kinds of joint pain pills (glucosamin, chondroitin, egg shell membrane, hyaluronic acid…), nothing helped my knee. This oil works instantly to allow me to bend my knee and put some weight on it without suffering extreme pain. shipping does take long, i suggest you getting the 6 month pack so you don’t run out quick

  6. I have a knee injury that hurts most of the time and have gone through almost all the ointments and pills available, but nothing keeps the pain away like this oil. I started using Remesol a year ago and use it before going to bed every night. the smell doesn’t bother me, maybe i’m gotten used to it. I would highly recommend this for aches and pains.

  7. I bought this for my dad when he had a bad case of plantar fascitis and struggled with it for a couple of months. He had instant pain relief and I was really happy with the purchase. I’ve since bought it for relatives who suffer from terrible back pain and leg injuries and they really thanked me for it. This product is only pain relief so people should still take care and try to resolve the underlying problem and not strain themselves just because they don’t feel the pain anymore. Shipping takes long but worth the wait

  8. I have used one bottle on my feet and feel they are doing a lot better.

  9. It worked great, it decreased the inflammation drastically in just few applications. REMESOL IS JUST WHAT I was looking for.

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